This page was last updated: May 6, 2020
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Welcome to Moonlight Modelers Spot On The Web.

Greetings all ~
With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting nearly everything in our daily lives, I hope you’ve been able to get in some bench time and thereby allowing you a small measure of sanity.
 It has been decided that the Moonlight meeting for May will be cancelled. Now that doesn’t mean you have the month off. We’d like to see about still having our theme builds on a judging table sometime this year. When we’re able to have meetings once again, maybe we can double up the themes a couple of months until all of the themes have been covered. This should give you more time to get that March, April and now May builds completed. Until then, I wish you all good health, serious bench time and a few productive trips to the fridge.  

Stay safe, Brad